Hey #NSNYfam! How’s it going? It has been a busy month for us here at NSNY. Between new features on our website, new submissions, and new artist interviews underway, we’ve certainly had our hands full! What’s that though? Oh, something else is new? Well, she’s not exactly a secret, but to many she might as well be. Meet our sister Lola, known by her instagram name of Lights Out Los Angeles! Lola is our little sister, who may grow up to be even taller than us. In real life, that’s annoying, but in the internet world, it’s kind of fun! We figured we’d give our sis a shout out here since she’s growing up so fast!

So what sets Lola apart from us? Well, you can definitely tell we are sisters. We both love art and curation, but what makes Lola so different than NSNY? Lola is the soft, gentle, more subtle version of us, but with just as much spunk and pizzazz! How cool is that; we share the same qualities but have very different aesthetics. That means we can both cater towards an even broader range of tastes and artwork! Together, it is our goal to appeal to all kinds of artists and art lovers alike.

So go take a moment to say hi to our sister Lola. Maybe even give her a follow (hint hint: that’d make her really happy. She loves making new friends!) and even a few likes. After all, if you like us, you’ll absolutely like our sister!

Until next time….

Sara & Cass                                                                                                                                    NSNY team