Meet Betsy Enzensberger, Resin Artist and sweet-tooth extraordinaire. Betsy creates beautiful resin sculptures of her favorite sweets: popsicles and ice cream cones. Betsy sat down with us to talk a little more about her and her work. We spoke of inspirations, pet peeves, and a few fun facts as well.

Please welcome our February 2018 Artist of the Month!


Who are you and what do you do?

I’m a resin artist! Currently, I create hand-sculpted Ice Cream Cones and hand poured resin Popsicles. My pieces range from life size (8-10 inches tall) to larger-than-life (2-3 feet tall).

Where are you currently located?

LA, baby! We’ve got the best weather for resin pouring all year round.

What role does the artist have in society?

The artist has many roles. However, I believe that the artist decides the role they play. Whether it be sending social or political messages or creating aesthetic appeal, the message is as individual as the artist.

Who is your favorite artist(s) or inspirations?

Artists that inspire me are the ones who put in the most work to create their piece. When I see artists in their 60’s who are still casting, sanding and polishing their own work, it inspires me to want to work harder. I’m lucky enough to be inspired by my mentor, Eric Johnson. Not many artists get that opportunity.

The resin itself is a huge inspiration too. The thick, gooey texture hardens into a glassy, delicious treat. It’s so beautiful that I want to eat it, which is how my sweet sculptures came about. Often times I hang out in my studio and pick resin drips off my work table. I examine them closely and continuously resist the urge to bite them.

What kinds of message(s) to you want to send to your viewers?

Joy…and glitter!

What are your artistic pet peeves?

I’m so glad you asked this. The most patronizing and infuriating question that resin artists get is “do you wear a mask?” If you want to get on my shit list, go ahead and ask.

What purpose does your art serve to you and to others?

Glittery joy!

If you had to move to a remote island, what are the top three artist tools you would bring to continue pursuing your art?

It’s not possible to sculpt the way I do with only three tools, so I’ll take chocolate, peanut butter and sparkling water.

To see more of Betsy, visit her website, instagram, facebook, and twitter!

Bomb Pop - 7 inches tallAqua, Pink Yellow Pearl Popsicle - 2 feet tallBerry Glitter Popsicle - 2 feet tallPink & Copper Glitter Lollipop- 3 feet tallVanilla with Gummi Bears - 8 inches tallThree Mini PopsPink Gummi Bear Popsicle - 7 inches tallMulti Stripe Glitter Popsicle - 5 inches tallRed Mini Pop - 7 inches tallVanilla WIth Sprinkles in Chocolate Dipped Cone - 9 inches tallJumbo Mint Chip - 20 inches tall