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Give The Gift Of Tech This Holiday

‘Tis the season for gift giving! When it comes to the Artists in your life, finding gifts that would be suitable for their craft can be daunting. Sure, there’s plenty of nonartsy things you could buy them, but let’s face it: Artists love having new toys and tools they can use in their studio space. Our Artist Tech Holiday Gift Guide 2019 is for the techie artists who are always looking to improve their workflow and craft with the best tools on the market. This gift guide is organized from least expensive to most expensive items. If you’re serious about giving the Artist in your life a present they will absolutely love, then check out our top 25 gift ideas in our Tech Holiday Gift Guide 2019 below!


Just so you know, this article contains some affiliate links. When a purchase is made through our affiliate link, we make a small commission from each purchase. It does not cost you any more to use affiliate links (it may even cost you less if you use ours)! Affiliate links help to support No Sleep New York and allow us to continue building this platform and making helpful articles like this for our readers. We have not been sponsored by any company to share any of these products. Keep an eye out for a few reviews on the items below that we will be dropping soon on NSNY!

Apple iPad Procreate App

Procreate App for iPad – $9.99

We're kicking off our 2019 Artist Tech Holiday Gift Guide with the Procreate app for Apple iPad. For the Artist who wants to explore digital illustration and painting, Procreate is a powerful tool to add to their app collection. Artists can even create full-length or 30-second time-lapse videos of their work in up to 4K resolution. Download it to a new iPad Mini (keep scrolling, it's on this list) and watch your favorite Artist improve their skillset. Perhaps the most amazing part of all is that this app is only a one-time fee of $9.99.

3 Pronged Car Charger with 2 USB Ports – $15.99

Every techie Artist has run into charging issues before. It can be tough to access certain outlets, especially when traveling. This 3 Pronged Car Charger is the best solution for when finding an outlet is out of the question. They can plug their laptop in for on-the-go work and never have to worry about dead batteries. This car charger also comes with 2 USB ports, perfect for cell phones or any other devices an Artist may use. Get this multipurpose charger for only $15.99.
Dual USB Memory Stick

64GB USB C Flash Drive Type C USB 3.1 – $16.99

This thumb drive is about as simple as it gets, except with a new twist: an additional port for Type C USB's. Plug this baby into any smartphone or device that has a Type C port and download your most important files. This flash drive is a perfect companion to other tech gadgets on this Holiday Gift Guide. Throw it in with the Apple iPad Mini and it's a match made in heaven for any Artist to quickly and easily save and import their artwork from device to device. Snatch this gift up for only $16.99 today.
Pixel Eyewear

Pixel Eyewear Blue Light Blocking Glasses (Prescription Rx Options) – $25 to $95

A tech-adjacent item, these blue light blocking glasses from Pixel Eyewear are a necessity for the digital artist. These computer glasses help reduce eyestrain, give a better night's sleep, and reduce headaches and migraines. There are plenty of blue light blocking glasses on the market that are less expensive, but in our experience, they are cheap and not effective. These glasses from Pixel Eyewear are truly the highest quality you can get. They even have options for Prescription Rx glasses as well, which most other companies do not. Choose from over 20+ styles in various colors. Take $5 off your purchase of any pair of glasses with the code MANGO5 at checkout (courtesy of Co-founder Mind Over Mango). Not sure what pair they would love? Gift cards are also available on their website starting at just $25. Read a full in-depth review of Pixel Eyewear here:
DOSS Soundbox Speaker

DOSS SoundBox Bluetooth Speaker – $27.95

Every Artist needs a soundtrack to block off the outside world when they're in their zone. This wireless, Bluetooth 4.0 enabled, touch control speaker will help get the job done. Play the 12W full-bodied stereo for up to 12 hours straight with this portable sound system. The DOSS speaker also remembers your last connected device, allowing for seamless connectivity time after time. This speaker also comes in 5 different color options. Buy this high-quality speaker for a low price of only $27.95.
Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset Tech Holiday Gift Guide

Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset – $36.99

This Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset is an amazing gift to give to any Artist in your life who loves VR or gaming. Just pop in their Android or iPhone and be immersed in a whole new experience. Artists who dabble in the VR creation realm will love this gift as well. This headset normally is $36.99, but you can save $7 at checkout and pay only $29.99 today!
Tile Pro

Tile Pro – $36.99

Not to be stereotypical, but we Artists can get a bit, err - disorganized. Fear not! These equipment-tracking gadgets from Tile Pro will help to make sure that the Artist in your life doesn't misplace any of their new awesome holiday tech gifts. Just attach it to their gear, download the Tile Pro app, and ring anytime an item is lost. Tile Pro also has GPS tracking software, so that you're never fully out of range of your lost items. Get this stylish 2 pack for only $36.99.
9 in 1 USB C Hub, All-In-One Type C Ethernet Adapter Tech Holiday Gift Guide

9 in 1 USB C Hub, All-In-One Type C Ethernet Adapter – $35.99

The 5-star rating speaks for itself, but we have plenty of good to say about this USB all-in-one hub by Wakwlk. Included are 9 different ports that can connect to the latest MacBook Pro or USB-C devices. This hub boasts an impressive 1000Mbps Gigabit RJ-45 Ethernet port, a USB Type C Female PD charging port, a 4K HDMI port, SD card reader, TF card reader, 2 USB 3.0 Ports, USB 2.0 port and even an Audio port, too. Multitask and jump from device to device when utilizing the Wakwlk. This multi-port hub also supports 4K resolution video at 30Hz and 1080P@60Hz. Enjoy up to 5Gbps transfer speeds with a 1Gbps Ethernet port as well. There's literally an entire list of other features the Wakwlk has that you can check out for yourself. Improve your favorite Artist's workflow for only $35.99 this holiday season.

Skillshare – $36 and up

Give your Artist the opportunity to continue expanding their skillsets through a subscription with Skillshare. This educational platform has more than 26,000 available classes to choose from. Each class is designed so that students can easily digest information in a fun environment. With a subscription, students have unlimited access to classes and resources. Whether they've been talking about wanting to learn how to brand themselves, expand on their craft, or learn a whole new trade, Skillshare is the best place to be. Pay for a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription starting at just $36. Use our affiliate link below and get your first 2 full months free!
Tech Gear Backpack

Tech Gear Backpack – $42.99

Another tech-adjacent item is this all-in-one gear backpack. Perfect for the techie artist with a ton of equipment, this backpack will help keep their gear safe during their travels. It also includes an attached cable for on-the-go charging. Don't let the photo gear-filled interior fool you. This backpack can be used for more than just photography equipment. Oh, and it also doubles great as an overnight bag as well. Grab this high-quality bag for only $42.99 this holiday season.
CUBE Pico by Palette Tech Holiday Gift Guide

Pico or Cube by Palette – $49 to $139

One of our absolute favorite Artist tools is created by the company Palette. With Pico (left) or Cube (right), capturing color is just a tap away. Measure the color of anything you see with these Portable Color Digitizers. Using sophisticated technology, just walk up to any color and record it — instantly, precisely and forever. Pico is best for Artists such as painters, whereas the Cube (which we personally own and love) is more geared toward full-on digital artists. Both the Pico and Cube are able to deliver super-human color accuracy. Record color and find closely identical paint swatches from popular companies such as Sherwin-Williams or BEHR. Grab any code and find out each color's sRGB, Adobe RGB, HEX, LAB (D50), LRV, or CMYK data. You can even directly import your colors to your Adobe Photoshop color library. Expect a more in-depth review from us soon. Get the Pico for $49, and the Cube for only $139.
Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot – $49.99

Simple and straight forward, the Amazon Echo Dot is a cool gadget that can come in handy for literally anyone. Give the Echo Dot to an Artist in your life to help make their lives a little easier while working. The voice-enabled device is perfect for when an Artist's hands are preoccupied (or messy) and is great for multitasking. Grab this fun and useful gadget for only $49.99.

3Doodler® Start Essential Pen Set – $54.99

Don't be fooled by its youthful appearance. This innovative 3Doodler® Start Essential Pen Set is great for Artists of all ages. Using eco plastic strands, create 3D artwork with this revolutionary pen. Reference the project booklet for inspo, or create your very own designs with this awesome tech toy. This kit comes with 1 3D printing pen, 2 packs of eco-plastic (48 strands), 1 micro-USB charging cable, and of course, the 3Doodler Start activity guide. Pick up this cool set online for $54.99 today!
Seagate Portable 2TB Tech Holiday Gift Guide

Seagate Portable 2TB External Hard Drive – $59.99

Artists tend to have a lot of files that need saving. One of our worst nightmares is losing our precious files forever. With the Seagate Portable 2TB External Hard Drive, all Artists can now breathe easy. Designed to work on both Windows and Mac computers, this drag and drop hard drive will help back up any necessary files they wish to save. Included are an 18 inch 3.0 USB cable and a one-year limited warranty. We promise that your favorite Artist will be forever grateful. Pick up this bad boy for only $59.99 this holiday season.

BackBlaze – $60 to $110

Speaking of backups, you can really never have too many. This remote, online backup is the perfect addition to the Seagate external hard drive. Backblaze will automatically back up all of your documents and files into their secure cloud storage. There is no limit to the number of files or the file sizes you can store with this handy online tool. It's always best to have your work securely saved in two other locations, and with Backblaze's reasonable prices, it's easier than ever to do so. Buy your loved one a subscription. Get 1 year for $60, or 2 years for $110.
COWIN E7 Noise-Cancelling Headphones

COWIN E7 Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Headphones with Mic – $64.99

Every Artist needs to zone out every now and again. The COWIN E7 Noise-Canceling Headphones are a great and affordable mid-range option. Go wireless with its Bluetooth technology and block out all sound while wearing these headphones. They also have a high-quality, built-in microphone with NFC technology for convenient hands-free calls. Get 30 hours of playtime while enjoying the comfort of the Protein Earpad and 90° Swiveling Earcups. Great for travel or even just sitting in the studio working. Choose from 6 different colors and take an extra $5 off at checkout. Pay only $64.99 today!

Luna Display | Mac-to-Mac Mode – $79.99

The Luna Display is an innovative tool that can turn any Mac computer or iPad into a second wireless display. This hardware has accompanying apps that help create this reality effortlessly. For the serious Artist, dual screens are a must when it comes to an efficient workflow. The Luna Display is a great tool that can help save time and money when a designated second monitor is simply not in the budget. Plus, it's fantastic for the traveling Artist. They can pick up their editing from anywhere in the world just like they would in their studio. No need to lug around heavy and unnecessary monitors and equipment. This handy gadget is a true bargain at only $79.99.
The Logo Package Tech Holiday Gift Guide

The Logo Package Express – $99

Any Designer knows how torturous it is to export endless files to package up for their clients. Luckily, those days are gone when you have the Logo Package Express to help eliminate this daunting task. This ultimate extension for Adobe Illustrator can export over 200 logo files in under 5 minutes. The Logo Package Express can generate any logo configuration, file format, or color scheme an Artist may need for their client. This extension guarantees error-free packages. It can also generate logo file names and organize them into specific folders. We own this ourselves and absolutely love it. Which is why we had to include it in our Tech Holiday Gift Guide. For only $99, the Logo Package Express is an incredible deal.
Instax Mini Liplay Hybrid Polaroid Camera

Instax Mini Liplay Hybrid Instant Camera – $129.99

This fun Instax Mini Hybrid Camera is the best of both worlds. Gift your favorite Artist this fun and portable device for the Holidays and we guarantee that they won't put it down all season long. Just remember to pick up a pack of film before checkout, and this nifty gadget is yours for only $129. If the cost seems a bit steep, remember - memories are priceless.

Logitech Craft Wireless Keyboard – $169.99

Give the Artist in your life a more fluid workflow with the Logitech Craft Wireless Keyboard. For a more immersive workflow, the touch-sensitive dial can adapt to various apps. The unique input dial works with numerous Adobe CC apps such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom. This wireless keyboard is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. Other handy features such as backlit keys and Microsoft app integrations make the Logitech Craft Wireless Keyboard a great option for any Artist looking to improve their creative workflow. Originally $199, grab this gift for only $169.99 today!
Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini – $384

Artists often gravitate toward Apple products, making the latest iPad Mini a great choice. Endless possibilities await with this sophisticated tablet. Whether they're using the Procreate app (as seen at the top of this guide) or using it to fly their new drone (see below), there's no way that they won't find this awesome tablet useful. Get yours today for $384.
DJI Mavic Mini Drone Tech Holiday Gift Guide

DJI Mavic Mini 4K Drone – $399

Another "mini" gift coming your way! With the DJI Mavic Mini, the sky is the limit. Place this drone's controller in any Artist's hands and you're bound to encounter a whole lot of excitement. The newest addition to the DJI drone family, the Mavic Mini is as light as a smartphone, carries 30 minutes of flight time, and records 4K video. This ultra-light-weight model is perfect for the everyday adventure, or even the traveling Artist wanting to capture their memories forever. The best part is that it doesn't break the bank. Pair it with the Apple iPad Mini for the ultimate flight experience. Fly away with this awesome tech toy for only $399!
Adobe CC Suite Tech Holiday Gift Guide

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite – From $9.99/mo to $599.99/year

Give the gift of unlimited access this season (and the next 3 seasons) with a year-long subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud! The Adobe Creative Cloud (better known as Adobe CC) is the must-have subscription for any Artist's tool kit. This subscription comes with 23 desktop apps that will allow every Artist to have access to the tools they need to succeed. Whether it's photography, graphic design, animation, film editing, or anything you can imagine, Adobe CC has got them covered. This one-year subscription comes with free updates. For the entire suite, pay monthly for $52.99/mo, or save yourself the headache (and some cash) and pay $599.88 for the entire year. Only need a couple of apps? Plans for select apps start as low as $9.99/mo!
Affinity Editing Software

Affinity Editing Software – $49.99

We're going a little out of order price-wise on this gift guide for a minute. Not so keen on the idea of blowing through that much cash for Adobe? Although Adobe has been a staple for most digital Artists, there's a new guy in town. Affinity currently offers three different editing programs: Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, and Affinity Publisher. If the Artist in your life has been with Adobe for a while, it's best to hint around and find out if they'd be willing to test out a new program (even if it's just for fun). Thankfully, the Affinity Designer can accept all the major image and vector file types, including PDF/X4, EPS, SVG, and full layered PSD support, so making the switch there may be less problematic. No matter what, these programs are a great gift for Artists who love trying new things. The best part? Each Affinity program is a one-time-only payment of $49.99. This also includes unlimited updates. No subscriptions needed.
HP Zbook x2 Tech Holiday Gift Guide

HP ZBOOK x2 – $2,699+

The most expensive item on our 2019 Artist Holiday Gift Guide is the HP ZBook x2 convertible 2-in-1 laptop. This detachable powerhouse of a laptop is built for performance. Especially developed with the Adobe CC apps in mind, this 4K laptop has Intel® Quad Core™ processor and up to 4.2GHz of turbo boost. The NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics paired with the 32GB RAM makes this computer a no-brainer for any Artist serious about improving all aspects of their craft. There are endless customization options to choose from as well. We could drown on about the amazing specs, but it's best to check this one out for yourself to see how impressive it really is. This work of art starts at $2,699 and up.

Wrapping Up (Pun Intended)

That just about wraps up our ultimate Artist Tech Holiday Gift Guide 2019. Stay tuned for a few more craft-specific gift guides coming your way from No Sleep New York this week, including an Artist stocking stuffer guide, too! Don’t forget that Black Friday 2019 is November 29th, and Cyber Monday 2019 is December 2nd. Many of the gifts you have found in this article will be running great deals, including a ton of Amazon Black Friday Deals as well. Make sure that you don’t miss a single sale by liking us on Facebook to stay in the loop about when new 2019 Holiday Gift Guides will drop, along with the latest holiday sale announcements as well!


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