Hi there, and thanks for joining us on our network! Welcome to the No Sleep New York Fam (aka #NSNYfam for short). We are a collaborative network where artists are free to share and explore their work with fellow artists and admirers alike! NSNY is founded by two of us, Sara Kelley and Cassio Vieira. We are both artists rising from various creative and cultural backgrounds. Together, we make up #nosleepNY.

So what exactly does NSNY do, and why? Well, we’re glad you asked! Here at NSNY, we engage with a wide range of different kinds of artists. Photographers, painters, collage artists, designers….you name it, and we got it! We unite creatives with other creatives, meaning we make a lot of people see a lot more people and make everyone happy! That’s why we do it too–we love seeing happy people. We also started up this awesome network as a way for us to learn about and meet more artists too. We mean, who doesn’t want to get to know a bunch of new and rad people?

As time goes on, we definitely will be sharing more about ourselves, the driving forces behind NSNY. In the mean time, why not introduce yourself? Drop us a line, head to our Submit page, DM us your work, and be sure to #nosleepNY to grab our attention. You could be the next artist in our rapidly growing network! So come join us, we would be happy to meet you!

Until next time….

Sara & Cassio