Hello, #NSNYfam! So many of you may have been wondering, who are the faces behind No Sleep New York (and Lights Out Los Angeles)? Wonder no further, as we would be happy to finally introduce ourselves, the Co-Founders and Curators of NSNY and LOLA! We’ve kept our faces hidden for the past few months since our start of this awesome journey, so we figured it was about time to show ourselves!

So, meet us! Sara Kelley and Cassio Vieira. We are two artists rising from different backgrounds; both culturally and artistically. One thing that we have in common (besides our love for the arts, and for each other) is that we know a good time when we see one. That’s part of what the art community is: a good time! Since we like good times, good feelings, and good people, we knew that starting NSNY and LOLA would fall directly into all of those categories.

So, here is our *grand* entrance! As time goes on, we will both be talking more about ourselves. But for now, check out these stellar pictures of us (okay, well WE think they are stellar, but we’re biased because we took them).

It was about time we came out to say hi!

Catch you on the flip side!

Sara Kelley + Cassio Vieira